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Monthly Archives: July 2012

When it’s Time to Give Up the Keys…

Nervousness and diminished confidence are two of the most common signs that interfere with driving safety. If you are able to recognize your limitations before something terrible happens, that is a sign of strength. Talk to your doctor about this … Continue reading

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Lagrimas “Babes” Bundang: Caregiver of the Month

After seven years of providing care, Lagrimas or “Babes” knows that being a good caregiver calls for taking good care of herself. This is perhaps one of the easiest things to say, but often one of the most difficult things … Continue reading

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Fire Safety Tips: How to Prepare for the Unexpected

Being prepared is important; it can save your life. And careful planning helps ensure that you’ll have what you need to get through an emergency. Here’s a list of fire safety practices in the home: use several electrical circuits to … Continue reading

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Heat Waves Can Be Deadly…How Do We Cope?

Periods of extremely hot weather–heat waves–can cause serious health problems for everyone, but the most vulnerable people are older people, especially over 75 years, babies and young children, people with serious chronic conditions, people with mobility problems, people with serious … Continue reading

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Fortunata Paz: Caregiver of the Month

Fortunata arrived in the US in 1987; she is a midwifery graduate from the Philippines. The experience of caring for her mother-in-law who had diabetes influenced her decision to embark on a journey in caregiving. A firm believer in the … Continue reading

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